As more people move to urban centres, especially in developing countries, infrastructure such as water and waste services are under strain. Many cities don't have enough infrastructure in place to support their growing populations, or the staff to maintain that infrastructure.

Poor and marginalized people—particularly women and youth—often bear the brunt of this shortage. They tend to experience high levels of unemployment, which leaves them vulnerable to poor living conditions with little to no access to basic municipal services.

Together with Canadian local government experts, we are working in seven countries, with a focus on:

  • Creating environments in which local governments get citizens involved in creating an economic vision for the local economy.
  • Giving women and youth better access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Promoting local trade and regional economic development opportunities.
  • Encouraging women's participation in the economic and political life of their community.
  • Creating a space where local governments and their regional and global networks can engage with strategic partners.
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