Local Leadership

Learn how municipal leaders are working on the front lines to protect Canadians, support businesses and keep essential services running strong. 

Municipalities are taking extraordinary steps to keep Canadians safe—turning arenas into shelters, opening portable hygiene stations, deferring property taxes, and more. They’re also working to keep vital municipal services going strong—from emergency services to clean water to safe public transit. See how local leaders are stepping up for their communities, and for Canada. Please email to tell us about what you are doing in your community to address COVID-19.

refuge pour sans-abris
Edmonton, AB
Sheltering vulnerable people

The City of Edmonton is putting $21 million into housing efforts in 2020, including operating the municipal EXPO centre as an isolation shelter and daytime drop-in centre for vulnerable populations.

mains tenant une maison en carton
Montreal, QC
Big investment in pandemic shelters

As of August 2020, the City of Montreal has invested nearly $23 million to support people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. This includes hotels, YMCA rooms, transportation, extra cleaning costs and extra staff.

Computer server bank
Regina, SK
Libraries crunching COVID data

While the Regina Public Library’s buildings may be shut down, four of its servers and most powerful computers have come to life to help scientists improve their understanding of COVID-19. Through a partnership with Folding@home, four of the Regina Public Library’s servers and five computers from its Digital Media Studio are hard at work crunching data that scientists around the world are using to research COVID-19.

Stationnement interdit
Victoria, BC
Parking ban gives people more room

Temporarily banning on-street parking during the COVID—19 pandemic in Victoria, BC will give more room to people to line up for groceries and get outdoor exercise, while still maintaining physical distance.

Homeless person
Vancouver and Victoria, BC
Safe homes for vulnerable people

The two BC cities are working to transition people living in encampments in local parks into safe, temporary accommodations with wraparound supports to protect their health and safety in the overlapping COVID-19 and overdose crises.

Person chatting with virtual chatbot
Markham, ON
Real-time COVID answers

The City of Markham is innovating by partnering with IBM to launch a virtual chatbot using artificial intelligence to provide residents and businesses with #COVIDー19 related answers in real-time, 24/7.