Local Leadership

Learn how municipal leaders are working on the front lines to protect Canadians, support businesses and keep essential services running strong. 

Municipalities are taking extraordinary steps to keep Canadians safe—turning arenas into shelters, opening portable hygiene stations, deferring property taxes, and more. They’re also working to keep vital municipal services going strong—from emergency services to clean water to safe public transit. See how local leaders are stepping up for their communities, and for Canada. Please email to tell us about what you are doing in your community to address COVID-19.

Temporary emergency shelter
Hamilton, ON
Emergency shelters

A temporary emergency shelter based out of FirstOntario Centre in the City of Hamilton supports individuals who are experiencing homelessness and helps the shelter system maintain proper physical distancing.

Worker disinfecting bus
Wood Buffalo, AB
Staff re-assignments

Municipal staff in Wood Buffalo are being re-assigned to help with bus cleaning and other critical services.

Opioid pills
Vancouver, BC
Safe drug supply

The city will help the roughly 20–30% of drug users not connected to the health care system, making sure they can access a safe supply. For everyone else, the city is planning for safe supply to be enabled through existing physician relationships, with more details to be announced by the province.

Person using computer
Surrey, BC
Extending water bill deadlines

Surrey has begun implementing remote work options that ensure employee safety while maintaining full continuity in city operations and is also extending water and sewer bill payment deadlines by 90 days.

Person packing boxes for shipping
Prince Edward County, ON
Supporting local businesses

Prince Edward County developed a website that updates residents on businesses offering products and services to the community during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Child using laptop
London, ON
Deputy mayor offers online civics class for kids

London’s deputy mayor hosted a civics class for children as the province’s publicly funded schools face two more weeks of closures amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.