Support for emergency funding continues to grow

A growing chorus of business leaders, labour leaders, editorial boards and others are speaking out in support of our call for emergency funding for municipalities of all sizes.

They all understand the same thing: there can be no economic recovery without tackling the municipal financial crisis first.

Here’s just some of what they’re saying:

"Emergency support and new tools available for municipalities is now critical-not only to keep frontline services running, but also to protect the economic recovery Canadians will soon be counting on."

Business Council of Canada and the Canadian Global Cities Council, in a joint letter to the prime minister, June 10


"The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association is a strong partner with FCM in advancing access to safe, affordable housing for all. CHRA supports FCM’s call for the federal government to provide municipalities with emergency funds so that municipalities can continue to deliver affordable housing and other essential services to residents, while expanding measures necessary to address the current pandemic."

—Jeff Morrison, Executive Director, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, July 6


"CUPE is calling on the federal and provincial governments to stop arguing over jurisdiction and get a deal done to help Canada’s local governments with critical funding shortfalls, which are leading to widespread loss of services and jobs."

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), June 1


"Without financial help, municipalities will be forced to cut the vital local services our families and communities rely upon every day. On top of that, our municipalities are major economic drivers and this financial crisis is a threat to Canada’s economic recovery. Other levels of government must step up and provide financial support to our municipalities."

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), May 24


"Given the national scale and magnitude of the shortfalls facing Canadian municipalities, it is imperative that the federal government join us in developing a plan to help our municipalities recover from the impacts of COVID-19."

Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips, May 25


"Unprecedented times require an unprecedented helping hand. That’s been true for workers, students, businesses, non-profits, and cultural and sport organizations, which have all received direct support from Ottawa. And it’s true for cities as well."

Toronto Star editorial, April 27


"For reasons of practicality and principle, the federal government should be offering municipalities an emergency assistance package. The bulk of this one-time-only money should go to big cities with big transit systems. And the package should be $10-billion, or more."

Globe and Mail editorial, June 2


"The big unanswered question right now is; where is the help for municipalities? They are in trouble. Big trouble. Their revenue streams; think property taxes, and service fees, have dried right up."

Vassy Kapelos, CBC Power & Politics Host, May 24